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"We have known Joe Cobert for over twenty five years. On numerous occasions throughout this time, we have required the experience and expertise of Mr. Cobert. He is clear, concise, direct and to the point We value his advice concerning all matters pertaining to real estate. We would never consider entering into a contract without first obtaining his opinion"

Margot and Sam Thomas
"At a time in our lives that we should have been enjoying retirement and everything we'd worked all our lives for, we found ourselves in the pit of despair trying to figure out how we could continue to pay...what had become a huge mortgage payment every month, and buy our grandchildren a new toy at the same time. Everything that brought us joy had to be put aside while we saved every penny of our pensions, social security and small income from part time jobs to make a $4000/mortgage payment. The ... embarrassment, self doubt and humiliation we felt was nearly unbearable. As many times as we attempted to renegotiate our mortgage with Countrywide Mortgage, it just wasn't going to happen - they wouldn't help us. We talked to a realtor about selling our home, which by this time was worth half of what we owed on it - and she suggested we see Joe Cobert. We did. We left Joe's office 2 hours after shaking his hand with hope, relaxed shoulders and the legal, emotional, and ethical counsel that we should have sought years earlier. . .. Because we sought Joe's counsel, and followed his every word we are now living a stress-free, happy retirement, planning a holiday season filled with laughter, grandchildren, cookies, excitement and memories that last forever. ... Joe remained patient, firm and confident which always left us feeling that the decisions we were making were exactly the decisions we should make. . .. Thanks Joe - you really, really made a difference in our lives."

-- Claire and Evan

"Attorney Joseph Cobert has assisted my family with its real estate needs and investments for over 20 years. Joe's expertise in all areas of real estate law has helped us grow our assets rationally with appropriate risk and prudence. He has helped negotiate commercial leases and address landlord/tenant disputes. He has guided us through complex apartment purchases, loan negotiations and tax-deferred exchanges. His real-world experience has been priceless and I can recommend him without reservation."

Dennis R. Fratt, DDS, MBA

Joseph Cobert is a rare combination of a man. First, he is an excellent friend and supporter who generously gives his advice and provides resources from a seemingly unlimited Rolodex. I feel he just about knows everybody and, conversely, just about everybody knows or has heard of Joseph Cobert.

As a professional, his credentials are impeccable: attended top schools, received top honors as well as accumulated a long and solid work experience.

As a mentor, he has offered his insights as a real estate attorney, broker and instructor for over 25 years at UCLA Joseph has organized and volunteered to speak at numerous lectures and conferences, including some of my own at the Beverly Hills Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors.

I was invited to Joseph's milestone birthday a while ago. At the event I met many more of his close friends. Most of them had been part of his life for far more years than I have had the fortune of knowing him. I felt privileged to be considered as part of that group.

I wish everyone could have a "Joseph Cobert" as a friend.


Carlos Solares
I have known and worked with Joe for over 10 years. He has demonstrated a willingness to do whatever is required to help both my clients and me. He responds to my calls quickly and is able to provide thoughtful assistance based on his years of experience in a quick and efficient manner. I have entrusted Joe with such matters as my clients of 20 year’s dealings with a partner in a real estate sale and settlement matter where the partner had not been forthcoming with information regarding prior year’s income and expenses. He did an excellent job of dealing professionally with a difficult personality and making sure that our client got what she was entitled to. Joe also helped me on some personal matters including review of a lease for my son involving his real estate lease and LLC in a timely and informative fashion. His input proved to be invaluable when we had to later terminate the lease and the landlord did not pursue the remaining term of the lease based on the changes we made in the lease with Joe’s assistance.

Joe’s clients benefit from his years of experience, particularly in the real estate area, and he is a very valuable resource to have as your real estate and business attorney. I have had no problems in referring clients to Joe.

Stanley F. Shimohara, CPA

I have known Joe Cobert for more than 25 years, both professionally and personally. I have always marveled at his legal acumen which he is able to blend with a genuinely graceful style. I also have the highest regard for his integrity. It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Cobert to anyone seeking a knowledgeable transactional or litigation real estate specialist.

William S. Casale

Joe Cobert has consistently provided us with a very high level of informed and knowledgeable advice regarding real estate relationships. He is meticulous in evaluating contracts and offers creative insights when a situation calls for considerations of options.

David Schumann and Nikki Schumann Giachetti

Having Known and worked with Joe for almost 20 years, I believe without a doubt that Joe's due diligence and prompt response is unparallel among his peers. Then you add in his knowledge and you have one of the best attorneys in the real estate industry working for you.

Joe W. Kimaz

I have used the legal services of Mr. Joe Cobert for many years. I've found Joe to be very competent, personable, and loyal. He and his wife have become very good friends of ours and I look forward to many years of associated with him and his staff. Joe has represented me in ... real estate matters, and I've found him very capable ....  Additionally, his network of associates includes many very helpful and quite capable specialists.

Taft Weaver

I am an attorney engaged in real property law for 33 years. When I face a difficult issue, I often turn to Joseph Cobert for counsel and advice. His thoroughness and depth of knowledge are always helpful.

Burt Noveck

I have known Joe Cobert for over 20 years both professionally and as a friend. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone seeking legal advice in all matters of real estate.

John A. Schaffer

I am in the commercial real estate investment and management business. I have a worldwide clientele and have been in this business for over thirty years.

When my clients need  a skilled real estate attorney, one who no only possesses the requisite legal skills, but also good business judgment; I regularly recommend Joe Cobert.

Joe is very thorough in his approach to transactions, highly analytical, and invariably delivers a great result for my clients.

I recommend him heartily to you.

Andrew R. Zimbaldi

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