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Joseph M. Cobert, A Professional Corporation exclusively handles real estate law matters, representing brokers and other professionals, developers, lenders, investors, landlords, tenants, and entrepreneurs needing sound, experienced, aggressive Real Estate transaction and litigation advice.

Our clients include numerous high net worth individuals and business entities who value the premier level of quality and expertise the firm delivers at very reasonable rates. The services predominantly are of the following types:

  1. Advice and consultation on real estate contracts, leases, financing, title, construction and other property-related matters.
  2. Legal research to help solve complex and sophisticated problems and allow for the presentation of creative solutions.
  3. Due diligence/factual research/interfacing with experts in order to evaluate the opportunities and risks concerning the acquisition, operation, development of and disposition of real property as well as certain litigation relative thereto.
  4. Negotiating and drafting contracts, leases, financing instruments, title documents and other materials for real estate.
  5. Deal analysis from the standpoints of how to limit risk and maximize reward/return on investment.
  6. Review on behalf of clients various transactional documents prepared by others in order to inform clients of issues and solutions as well as to enable them to negotiate the best deal terms.
  7. Entity formation for real estate -- whether to comply with lender requirements (such as to have single purpose entities) or to achieve for the client the maximum benefit from tax, liability protection and other perspectives.
  8. Review of insurance policies to determine the scope and details of existing coverage for casualty and liability claims as well as the changes needed to improve such policies.
  9. Preparing documents for, and appearing on behalf of clients in, certain real property litigation (as well as arbitration and mediation).

Strategic Alliances

The firm's only attorney, Joe Cobert, devotes his practice exclusively to real estate matters. However, there are times when matters the firm is working on require input and problemsolving from attorneys who specialize in other disciplines. For this purpose, the firm maintains strong relationships with attorneys in other disciplines (such as franchise and labor lawyers plus specialists in corporate, estate planning, bankruptcy, securities, divorce and taxation law). For example, if the firm is involved in the negotiation of financing for a restaurant, hotel or some other type of hospitality property which has a chain affiliation, there will often be a need for assistance from a franchise lawyer or an attorney who specializes in labor relations.

Furthermore, the firm uses numerous other consultants -- some as expert witnesses, some as resources to accomplish due diligence and some for other information purposes.

Although Joe Cobert restricts the scope of legal services to real property matters, these strategic alliances with other attorneys and with various consultants help make him a trusted advisor to his clients, affording the firm the ability to provide clients with the depth of expertise needed to compete with larger law firms.

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